Party Favors

Here are some of the other items Scrooge’s Spirits offers their customers.


Karrie Herold
Beer and Wine Manager

Wine Chiller

Heading to a dinner party? You don’t need to worry about showing up with room temperature wine in hand for the hostess when you shop at Scrooge’s Spirits. We have a convenient wine chiller in store, and in less than five minutes your wine will be perfectly crisp and ready to delight at your event. Just ask a friendly staff member to chill your wine for you once you’ve selected it: it’s a free service we’re delighted to offer to our valued customers.

Don’t commit a “party foul” by throwing an event without the accessories and favors you need! Scrooge’s Spirits carries plenty of must-haves for your next event, including glasses and stemware for wines and champagnes, shot glasses for casual parties, wine openers to take the stress out of your dinner parties, and a wide selection of mixers, mix-ins and garnish options like rim salts and sugars for crafting cocktails that will impress your guests. If you’re celebrating something special, we even offer cigars!