I just needed a single or two but wanted to see what this place has to offer. Liquor to the left and beer and wine to the right as you enter. They had a huge selction of singles on the shelves and plenty of six packs with thomas Creek and NC’s great craft beers represented as well. The coolers on the back wall had some draft cans and some European brews and the usual US macros. There was a very good selection of European beer and I find that to be very cool until SC pops the cap and the Palmetto state can really get some choices. One neat thing to add was that this store had TWO prices on some of the refrigerated singles cash and charge with cash being cheaper. A draft can of Bass for $1.49 and a Franziskanzer for $1.89. Very reasonable singles prices here. Big store and the girl at the counter asked if I needed any help finding anything.